What is Tactile Trends?

Welcome to Tactile Trends, a platform dedicated to sustainable design and materials.

In the future I believe true design thinking will be at the core of our success as we consciously navigate our changing environment, asking important questions along the way.

How can products and systems simplify our lives today and in the future?
What is our definition of old age?
To what end will we synthesize nature?
How long will we be living within planetary boundaries?

By evaluating the seismic shifts in our rapidly developing world we can start to employ true design thinking.

Materials are at the heart of this.

My mission with Tactile Trends is to tell stories and share experiences that inspire us to think collectively about the relationship between sustainable design and materials.

Why am I Doing This?

Tactile Trends reflects my love of imagery, observation and storytelling.

Imagine people watching in a busy city…walking in nature when the seasons are changing…a rainy day spent in an art gallery…a night of experimental music…exploring the back streets of a new place or a meaningful conversation with somebody much older than you.

These are things that inspire me and in turn inspire Tactile Trends.

Expect authentic stories about things that matter, all with sustainability, self worth and creativity at heart.

Where do I Start?

To start I would first recommend heading to the Issues Library where you can read themed content on sustainable topics like ocean plastics, organic matter and wellbeing. Each issue has significent research work behind it and features opinions from experts in the field of design alongside mood boards and artist interviews.

After soaking up insights on sustainable topics head over to The Conscious Designer . This section is an extension of my journal and is where you can find personal accounts of my career, reviews from events and exhibits and also my design inspirations.

If you don’t have time to read the site right now then sign up to the monthly newsletter to receive the best of the month.

I hope you find interesting articles to read, beautiful imagery to view or new things to try!

I look forward to staying in touch!