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Fabric Trend Story - Purist - Spring/Summer 2018

Fabric Trend Story - Purist - Spring/Summer 2018

Cover image: Sarah Loggert

We are pleased to share a textile trend called Purist for Spring 2018 today. Purist is a tactile and transitional trend that focuses on shape, volume and surface. Textiles are smooth, light and matte to the touch, almost like plaster of Paris.

Purist is Inspired by personal branding, wearable technology and the minimalism movement that has gathered speed over recent years, thanks to blogs like, The Minimalists so lets find out more...


Let us introduce to you a Purist with an attitude. She sees fashion as a blank canvas for her personal brand of quiet rebellion.

Sometimes what you don’t say speaks so much louder
— Tactile Trends

Her seamless, brandless clothing stands out from the crowd, yet at the same time welcomes anonymity, she is a real style oxymoron and baffles marketers.

Mercerized and Matte

We experience her love of simplicity and refinement through smooth matte surfaces like mercerized cotton and fine gauge knits. The classic tee features heavily in her wardrobe but re-imagined in new ways with grown on sleeves or dropped angular armholes.

Images: Cos | Baumeister | Jeff Burton | Boulezar

Form and Shape

Our confident Purist is experimental with shape sculpting herself in spongy double faced constructions with neoprene and quilting adding drama to her radical persona. 

Images: Matthieu Belin | Paul Jung | David K.YooBurdifilek

Quantified Self

A true quantified self she is educated about wearable tech and 3D printing and relishes the Internet for learning NOT for social media. 

There is an air of casual sensuality in her body fashion as she chooses mercerized bio cotton before lace lingerie. She is confident in her body without the need for ornamentation, shaping or padding.

Images: Byborre | Maud Rondot Bijoux Pansy | Her Line

Final Thought

At this crossroads where minimalism, wearable tech and personal branding intersect I believe there are many opportunities for brands to connect directly with their customers and add value. Leave a comment below and let us know, what do you think of the Purist?

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