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Discover 4 Interfiliere Trends for SS18

Discover 4 Interfiliere Trends for SS18

Interfiliere is an inspirational way to start design development for the new season. After a short break from the show last year I will return this January to attend trend conferences, meet with suppliers and report on my findings. Stay tuned to the Tactile Trends blog for the 'Designers Guide' post show report.

One area most visitors are eager to experience when they visit Interfiliere is the General Forum where the latest trends for the upcoming season are curated and showcased by trend agency Concepts Paris.

This year the trade show will look at lingerie's real value - the idea of dreamy lightness and beauty that makes lingerie different from all other apparel. Lets take a look at the 4 trends we can expect from the general forum which live under the leitmotiv the garden. 

'An Invitation to the Senses'



'Flower and leaf motifs of every kind, from naive to romantic to pictorial. The key word: Eclecticism!'

In terms of fabrics I can see some gorgeous opportunities for print and lace mixes in this eclectic trend. Olive and pink colour combinations work beautifully as seen in the collage below. Very Gucci!


A bounty of exotic sensuality and rich oriental and paradisiacal symbolism. The key word: Fantasy!

This trend makes me think about Italian satin supplier and designer of the year Boselli. Satins and jacquard can really shine through this trend, especially for nightwear. 



Fully aware creativity going beyond natural fibres and durability concepts. Reinvent everyday life. The key word: Longevity!

In my opinion 'Garden of the Mind' nods to the increasing consumer attitude towards digital detoxing and minimal living. This is where i see ultra lightness developments in fabrics. 



From the concert stage to the gym, have fun reinventing new rhythms for living. The key word: Innovation!

Lulu Lemon opened their flagship store in London a few days ago and judging by the photos on Instagram there was plenty of demand for activewear as the general public gathered on a rooftop to take part in a mass spinning session. I see Techno Garden providing fabric innovators like Lulu Lemon all the fuel they need to master their next development.

So there you have the four trends you will discover at Interfiliere next week!

Enjoy if you are attending and if not this time then check back on the blog to get the post show 'Designers Guide'




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