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5 Show Highlights - Salon/Interfiliere - Paris 2017

5 Show Highlights - Salon/Interfiliere - Paris 2017

Tactile Trends share their 5 show highlights from the January session of Interfiliere and Salon encompassing the best in textile art exhibits, independent designers and trend seminars from leading agencies Nelly Rodi, Concepts Paris and Promostyl.

1/ Uncover 

Easily the best part of Salon de la Lingerie and Interfiliere combined, Uncover was an area set apart by its alternative branding, soothing music and peach hued soft furnishings.

Fulfilling the need for a new format of gathering and working in a dynamic and innovative way, Uncover reveals the trends of tomorrow.
— Uncover

From soap art by Seem Soap, dance inspired urban wear by Hoffalt, personalized embroidery by Henriette H and the witty, provocative offerings from Latvian brand Lickstarter, this part of the trade show was an 'Aladdin's Cave' of creative talent.

2/ Trend Lecture by Promostyl

Promostyl delivered an inspiring and concise lecture on Saturday under the leitmotiv 'Resilience' which pulled in 4 themes; Visions, Solutions, Shades and Myths.

Image via @promostyl_official

Some of the most inspiring narratives in the presentation touched on the idea of style oxymorons like digital vs vegetable and biological synthetics. The idea of a style oxymoron inspires new directions in colour, print and pattern, clashing digital and programmed with hand made and natural elements.

3/ Bare Baux Intimates

Bare Baux Intimates is the brainchild of Nottingham graduate Jessica Haughton. As part of the Whisperings exhibit, pictured below, we see Bare Baux Intimates collection of 3D printed Lingerie. The garments were made in conjunction with elastic supplier Stretchline using silicone elastic, silver leaf wire casing and 3D printed silicone motifs, as a contemporary alternative to lace. 

3D Printed Lingerie by Bare Baux Intimates using Stretchline Elastics

4/ The Exception

A few weeks ago Tactile Trends featured the trend story Ultra Lightness as told through the Exception exhibition.

Once inside this exhibition you were transported to an ethereal and tactile place where Haute Couture artworks met off the roll fabric developments. One of the nicest commercial fabrics was the new generation 'B Light' from supplier of the year Boselli. In the realms of Haute Couture, atelier Flory Brisset were represented for their experimental embroidery work.

Photographs were not permitted inside this area so the photograph featured from Flory Brisset is not from the exhibition but aims to give you an idea of their embroidery techniques.

The Exception Area at Interfiliere

Silk Bubble Embroidery by Atelier Flory Brisset


5/ Fabric Forum

As previously reported by Tactile Trends the fabric forum was divided into four trends reflecting the over arching theme of the garden, 'An Invitation to the Senses'

Floral Garden reminded us that it's not so much which flowers but what you do with them- the story you tell.

Garden of the Mind was all about mixing technology and everyday comfort. Fabrics that can be mixed together in the multi functional wardrobe of today.

Erotic Garden looks at refinement, symbolism and expression and featured a sumptuous array of guipure, jacquard, metallics, velvets and prints.

Techno Garden was a cocktail of everything that moves. Where the emoji culture meets pop art, where individuality freely experiments with the codes of taste.


If you are interested to know more about the design possibilities from these themes Tactile Trends will deep dive into key shapes and styling in the 'designers guide' which you can subscribe to via the newsletter.

In summary this January session at Interfiliere and Salon de la Lingerie proved to be a more arty experience than previous years, providing a little escapism and a creative environment for the precious new design talent coming through. 










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