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The Wool Lab - 5 Fabric Trends for AW18/19

The Wool Lab - 5 Fabric Trends for AW18/19

It may be warming up outside (thank goodness) but today we would like to talk about wool and the AW18/19 fashion season as we introduce you to The Wool Lab.

The Wool Lab is part of the Woolmark company who are known inside and outside of the fashion industry for their global authority on merino wool. They also represent a special and inclusive way of working with trends and we would like to shed some light on that by sharing their trend process and inspirational trend themes from their AW18/19 collection.

The Wool Lab Trend Process

At The Wool Lab each season starts with in depth research, a team of trend experts gather the latest sourcing inspirations from a diverse mix of places including lifestyle, design, pop culture, fashion and vintage archives to originate key macro trends for the season.

These trends are brought to life by creative photography, styling and archive fabrics to make up an inspirational magazine called 'The Wool Lab Preview', which aims to stimulate creativity and give inspiration to spinners and weavers. It is also a practical tool for people that work in the fashion industry such as brands, designers, retailers, manufacturers, buyers and the media. 

[the wool lab preview] aims to stimulate creativity and give inspiration to spinners and weavers.
— Wool Lab
The Wool Lab Preview Magazine

The Wool Lab Preview Magazine

The Wool Lab Macro Trends

Now you know a bit about the trend process we would like to show you 5 of 7 macro trends that best resonate with us. 

1 // Visionaire

Visionaire takes a cue from surrealist masters like Rene Margritte and Dali, it is inspiring in this case because it prompts spinners, weavers and designers to experiment with the way we combine yarns, materials and shapes, experiment being the key word!

The rigour and clean shape of tailored suits take places in unexpected landscapes, creating a new world where everything is possible. Escape from reality with sophisticated irony.

2 // Monochrome

Monochrome taps into the tone on tone trend that has been so prominent in the fashion, product and interior industries recently to emphasise surface and texture and how that changes with different types of material.

The elegance in simplicity. The game of contrasts of materials in monochromatic layering. Fluid fabrics for sophisticated dresses are combined with bulky knits and soft coats with different volumes, completing the feminine figure.


3 // Bauhaus

The teachings of the famous German design school is re-evaluated in this trend as we embrace technology in new ways, just as the artists and craftsman did at the beginning of the 20th century. Lets ask ourselves questions; what can our knitting machines do differently today? 

Shapes and colours inspired by European art movements of the early decades of the 1900’s
that were the expression of a crucial moment in the 20th century, creating a new interaction between technology and culture. Form and function are represented in geometries and evident colour contrasts, colour inserts in unique pieces and in jacquard knitwear.

4 // Fiesta Patronal

In Fiesta Patronal we are encouraged to look at mixing different cultures and their textiles to create something new. For example the mix of a peruvian pattern and a houndstooth pattern immediately tell a tale of two cultures.

Taking inspiration from traditional colours, patterns and techniques of South American cultures which are blended with the most traditional fabrics and textures for a contemporary ethnic style. An international urban vernacular.

5// Lab

Not disimilar to Fiesta Patronage the Lab theme is about mixing elements but in this case we take techniques and technologies instead of patterns and existing textiles and start at a raw material level. This is great trend inspiration for spinners!

A new way in fashion, old techniques, experimental technologies, fresh minds all mixed creating and transforming materials into unique products. It’s the new generation of artisans that creates their own style like modern alchemists in their laboratories.

So there you have our top 5 trends from The Wool Lab for AW18/19. What do you think?

Presenting trends in this manner as a fabric or trims company is so important for the fashion and textile industry as the trend themes act as a catalyst for innovation and design closing the loop between spinners, weavers, designers and buyers. What could be more beneficial to the future of our fashion industry than that?

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