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Trend Story - Masters of Shape - Spring/Summer 2018

Trend Story - Masters of Shape - Spring/Summer 2018

Cover Image: Alexander Yakovlev

Last week Tactile Trends tracked how ballet inspired fashion trends hit the mainstream in 2016 carried by dance specific runway collections and key items. 
With dance inspired trends set to stay with us for a few more seasons we are weaving this research into one of our illustrated fabric trend stories for Spring Summer 2018 as we introduce you to 'Masters of Shape'.

'Masters of Shape' explores the emotional and physical connection between two dancers as we observe a duet of abstract shapes told through movement. 
Our couple intertwine to make artful forms, flowing seamlessly through sequences and lifting off the ground in weightless synchronization. 
They land without sound casting long shadows as they morph into poses reminiscent of fine art sculptures.

Sculptural Prowess

Appearing momentarily statuesque our dancers freeze in unison showing style lines that flow through them like energy.

Weightless Synchronization

Microfibre, mesh and jersey layers are whisper weight and full of elasticity mimicking the supple structure and lightness of our dancers in flight. 

Bonded Souls

Bonded fabrics and technical double knits compliment the sensitive connection between our couple showing innovation and progression.

Images:  Byborre  |  Barbara Medo

Layered Tactility

Cool cotton, figure hugging lycra, slippery jersey, tissue thin mesh and fluid knits build up a diverse outfit that offers tactility, style and freedom of movement with every layer.


Masters of Shape is a trend story perfect for active wear and intimates with the development of innovative fabrics and lightness being paramount for a fresh and progressive aesthetic.

Whilst Masters of Shape is a story inspired by abstract shapes the end design should offer function, comfort, style and most importantly freedom of movement, whether you choose to move or not. 

Would you like to see more of this story? We have a feature length story board here on Pinterest.

*This story was revised on 26/11/2017

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